Career Entry: Discovery and Survival - Learning how to teach, Determining what to teach, Exploring and navigating teaching/ school environment. Learning to work with student, Developing self-efficacy. Sense of Survival, Stabilisation - Making commitment to the profession, Focusing on autonomy and independence, COnsolidating and feeling of mastering instructional pedagogy, Widening of focus to include student needs, Experimentation and Diversification - Experimenting with teaching strategies, assessment, and instructional content, Seeking leadership roles to affect change, May seek new roles: Administrative or Appointment, Stock-taking (period of self-assessment and self-questioning) - Reflecting upon their "inventory" of accomplishments, Considering the time remaining to change occupations (mid-career change), Exhibiting less interest in professional development and change, Serenity - Lamenting the difference between their initial and current levels of enthusiasm, activism and energy, Accepting real self in professional roles, Intergenerational differences between them and their students becoming more pronounced, Serenity - nothing to prove, tolerance and spontaneity in classroom, distance from younger students, Conservatism - Exhibiting rigidity and stubbornness, Great reluctance to accept change and innovations, Often expressing discontent with: school administration/ policies and commitment of students of students and other teachers, Some become reinvigorated and experience a personal renaissance, Disengagement - Gradual withdrawal from professional commitments, Using time for personal activities, Partial withdrawal of focus on preferred courses and tasks,

Professional Life Cycle of Teachers




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