1) This person keeps me safe a) Police Officer b) Pilot c) Baker 2) This person puts out fires a) Dentist b) Doctor c) Fire fighter 3) This person helps the doctor a) Construction Worker b) Police Officer c) Nurse 4) This person takes care of you when you are sick a) Doctor b) Farmer c) Mailman 5) This person helps me learn a) Teacher b) Doctor c) Pilot 6) This person grows vegetables a) Farmer b) Construction Worker c) Mailman 7) This person brings me letters a) Teacher b) Dentist c) Mailman 8) This person builds buildings a) Chef b) Mechanic c) Construction Worker 9) This person takes care of my teeth a) Dentist b) Chef c) Janitor 10) This person takes care of sick animals a) Vet b) Mailman c) Fire fighter





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