1. My grandma lives very far away, so we only see her ____ 2. We wanted to swim in the lake, but first we had to get the ____ from our parents that it was safe to do it. 3. I ____ when people lie to me. I really hate it! 4. Jack is the ____ of the family. All his brothers are very nice children, but he always gets into trouble! 5. John is ____ because his brother got a much bigger Lego set as a Christmas present! 6. I don't like winter because it's dark and cold and it makes me feel ____. I feel much happier in the summer. 7. Mark's cake was terrible, but we were too ____ to tell him the truth, because we didn't want to make him feel sad. Instead of that we told him a ____, that the cake was delicious. 8. The children were ____ when their parents took them on a trip to Disneyland

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