1st Amendment - provides freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech, 2nd Amendment - provides the right to “bear arms” (own a gun) and have a “well-regulated militia.”, 3rd Amendment - provides protection against having to house (quarter) soldiers., 4th Amendment - provides protection from unreasonable search and seizure of people’s property., 5th Amendment - provides people with due process, the right to not be a witness against themselves, and protection from being tried twice for same crime (double jeopardy)., 6th Amendment - provides protection for anyone accused of a crime., 7th Amendment - provides people with the right to a jury trial if they are suing someone for money., 8th Amendment - protects against excessive fines, excessive bail, and cruel and unusual punishments., 9th Amendment - provides that Americans have other rights not stated in the Constitution., 10th Amendment - provides that any power not granted to the federal government belongs to the states or to the people.,




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