1) how does a black hole form a) it forms by a planet running into the sun b) it forms by a super nova c) it forms by a white hole d) black holes are not real 2) Are black holes real? a) yes b) no c) none 3) can black holes form a bigger one a) yes b) no 4) easy: are black holes black or white collared ? a) they are white b) they are black c) none 5) true or false? :Black holes push stuff away from them like white holes a) true b) false 6) what is the life cycle of a black hole ? a) white hole=black hole b) white hole+super nova=black hole c) super nova=black hole d) super nova+white hole +white hole=black hole e) none 7) if a black hole sucked up the sun what would happen a) the blackhole would not suck it up the black hole would burn b) The black hole would go through the sun. c) The sun would disappear d) a super nova would happen and the earth would burn e) none 8) are black holes real ? a) yes b) no c) i dont know 9) true are false: supernovas make black holes a) true b) false 10) if you fell in a black hole what would happen a) You would spawn back on the earth  b) you would be in a other universe c) you would die instantly 11) which picture is a black hole? a) . b) . c) . d) . e) . f) .




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