1) Don't play next to _____. a) your school b) the cat c) the traffic d) your friend 2) Don't walk on ______. Walk on the pavement (тротуар). a) the traffic b) the computer c) the jacket d) the road 3) Wear the clothes in ________________. a) bright colours b) black colours c) bright apples d) black bananas 4) Wear _______ on your head. a) a computer b) a seatbelt c) a cane d) a helmet 5) Look left and right for traffic. Don't listen to______. a) your mom b) his teacher c) music d) your best friend 6) _______ in a safe place. a) Sleep b) Wait c) Eat d) Sing 7) Be ________ to the driver and to other people. a) rude b) clever c) polite d) tall 8) Sit in the back seat. Wear ___________. a) his helmet b) my seatbelt c) your hat d) your seatbelt 9) Use the door next to the _____________________. a) garden b) pavement c) beach d) sea 10) ________________ the door next to traffic (дорожное движение). a) Don't close b) Don't break c) Don't open d) Don't clean




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