Your carbon footprint is...? - the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere as a result of your activity, List 3 nouns that collocate with SUSTAINABLE. - agriculture, development, energy, Name 3 fossil fuels. - coal, oil, gas, Name 2 renewable energy sources. - wind, sunlight, The Paris Agreement is supposed to limit/slow down...? - global warming, Which gas(es) cause the greenhouse effect? - CO2, water vapour, methane..., Name 3 materials that can be recycled - metal, plastic, paper..., The natural environment in which a plant/animal usually lives is...? - its habitat, A species which is in danger of dying out is called ...? - an ENDANGERED SPECIES, A species which doesn't exist any more is called... (Adj)? - EXTINCT (bonus-what is the Noun?), The period of time needed for the radioactivity of a substance to decrease by half is called? - its half-life, Air pollution is caused by...? - particles and gases in the air (O3, NOx, CO, SO2), Deforestation is...? - the cutting down of trees in a large area/destruction of forests by people, The process of stone/soil being gradually damaged by wind, sun, water is called...? - erosion (bonus- what is the verb?),

environmental knowledge




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