Diatoms: cell wall made of silica frustules, storage polysaccharide laminarin , have a gametic life cycle , Class bacillariophyceae , have a groove called a raphe, pennate form, centric form, no flagella (except for male gamete), small size produces sexual reproduction , most photosynthetic release of oxygen , used as abrasives like shoe polish and toothpaste, Dinoflagellates : causes red tides , one type called zooxanthellae are associated with coral, has 2 flagella , storage product is starch , have a shell made of cellulose plates , has a shell called the theca, can be bioluminescent , cause the color in coral, photosynthetic form gives glycerol and amino acids to coral , zygotic life cycle , paraphyletic group, Brown Algae : Alternation of generations , store polysaccharide as laminarian too, have a thallus to keep blades buoyant , stipe can be modified for food conduction, Fucus receptacles , used in ice creams, sherbet, and cream cheese to regulate ice formation, Sargassum , produce algin, Class Phaeophyceae, Red Algae: chlorophyll a and phycobilins , storage polysaccharide is floridean starch , cell wall with CaCO3 , tetrasporocyte present in life cycle , Phylum Rhadophyta,




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