1) That bright red color on the walls ______ relaxing. I was thinking of a light green or something instead. a) isn't exactly b) is very 2) It's going to be difficult to change the dates. They're ______ flexible. a) fairly b) not very 3) My flight was 12 hours overnight. I'm _____ tired. a) really b) exactly 4) We've had some _______ good ideas so far but I think we can do better. Let's keep brainstorming. a) pretty b) extremely 5) The negotiations went _____ well. We didn't get everything we wanted but neither did they. I still think we might get what we want at the end, though. a) extremely b) fairly 6) This new software is ______ easy to use. I learned all the basic functions in less than an hour. a) not very b) very 7) We're all _____ happy with your performance this year, so I see no need for you to make changes. a) extremely b) not exactly




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