What will you do this evening?, What do you usually do in the evening?, Where is your best friend from?, How old is your best friend?, Who does the washing in your family?, Do you prefer staying at home or going to school?, When is your dad's birthday?, When is your mum's birthday?, How often do you drink tea?, How often do you set the table before meals?, What do you usually eat for breakfast?, What will you do after this lesson?, What time will you go to bed today?, What do you like doing at the weekend? , Where do you often go in summer?, What do you always do at school?, What food do you hardly ever eat?, What are some things you do every day?, What food do you eat everyday?, Does your mum do any sport? , Does your dad do any sport? , How many books do you read in one year?  , How often does your mum read books? , What does your best friend like doing?  , What do you usually do with your best friend?, Where does your best friend live? , What will the date be tomorrow?.




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