1) I had never seen such a big bear. a) present perfect b) past perfect c) past simple 2) How could that happen last month ? a) present b) past c) future 3) Have you ever thought about it? a) present perfect b) future perfect c) past perfect 4) He's never interested in books. a) present perfect b) past c) present 5) He's coming home next Friday. a) future b) present c) present continuous 6) The bus had already left when I got there. a) past - past b) past perfect-past c) past-past perfect 7) By 2023, covid will have vanished. a) future simple b) future continuous c) future perfect 8) He won't be working by the time lights had gone out. a) future simple and continuous b) future continuous and perfect c) future perfect and simple 9) He would go if he didn't have an appointment. a) present b) past perfect c) past 10) Why wasn't she waiting when you arrived? a) present perfect and continuous b) past and past continuous c) past continuous and past





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