1) Five letters of the alphabet are vowels. How many letters in the alphabet are NOT vowels? 2) Kendra puts 40 toys in a toy box that already has 35 toys in it.  How many toys are in the box now? 3) Elias has a twenty dollar bill. He buys six squirt guns that cost $2 each.  How much money does Elias have left? 4) Emma's mother told her she can swim in the pool for 20 minutes. Emma swam laps for 7 minutes. Then she swam underwater for 1 minute. Finally, she played water polo for 8 minutes. How much longer can she stay in the pool? 5) Locky was given a challenging math problem from Mr. Pena. He was asked to add 2 hundreds + 14 tens + 7 ones. What is the correct answer to Locky's problem? 6) Nicholas got home from school at 3:15. His dad said he could play video games for 20 minutes. At what time will Nicholas have to stop playing his video games? 7) Mr. Pena's class has 22 students. Mrs. Jerome's class has 21 students. Mrs. White's class has 23 students. How many total students are in 2nd grade? 8) Will has a mystery number. His number has 3 digits. The first digit is the smallest even number. His digit in the ones place is the number of days in a week. The digit in his tens place is the difference between the other two numbers. What is Will's mystery number? 9) Riley bought a pack of gum for 60 cents, a lollipop for 25 cents, and a new pencil for 10 cents. How much money did she spend altogether? 10) Which is greater: 415 + 136 OR 759 - 203

Thursday 3-25 Word Problems (2nd)




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