1) What continent do you live on? a) Australia b) New York c) North America d) Mexico 2) New York was one of the 13 colonies. a) T b) F 3) What are 3 regions of the 13 colonies? a) Mexico, Caribbean, Cananda b) New England, Middle and Southern c) Antarctica, Europe, South America d) South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maine 4) The New England Colonies created the first public schools so that people could read the bible. a) T b) F 5) What is another word for economy? a) water b) food c) cash d) timber 6) Natural Resources found in the New England Colonies are thick forests and the ocean. a) T b) F 7) The Southern Colonies main business is cash crops including tobacco, cotton, indigo and rice. a) T b) F 8) The Middle Colonies grew wheat, corn, and other grains and were know as the Bread Basket Colony. a) T b) F 9) Which map shows the 13 colonies? a) b) c) d) 10) The Southern Colonies had plantations. These plantations had everything a family needed including tutors. a) T b) F

13 Colonies Quiz




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