1) I want ___ to Argentina in April. a) going b) go c) to go d) to going 2) She prefers ___ rather than ____. a) to swim/ running b) to swim/run c) swimming/to run d) swimming/running 3) They stopped only once___something to eat. a) getting b) to getting c) get d) to get 4) It was such a shock ___ from my parents after all these years. a) hearing b) to hear c) to have been hearing d) hear 5) This man must ___ something scary when he get into the house. His face went pale. a) have seen b) had seen c) saw d) was seeing 6) I’d rather not ___ my friends this evening. I am so busy. a) to visit b) visiting c) going to visiting d) visit 7) I’d prefer ____ to you without ___. a) drive / stop b) driving / stopping c) to drive / stopping d) to drive / to stop 8) He was afraid ___ close to the hive. He was afraid ___ stung by bee. a) to go / to be b) to go / of being c) going / of being d) going / to be 9) I’m sorry ___ you, you forgot ___ car lights. a) to tell / to turn of b) telling / to turn c) to tell / to turn off d) telling / turning off 10) Imagine _ such an expensive car. a) drive b) to drive c) driving d) drive by 11) I _ in the mountains rather than _ through a beach. a) prefer hiking/to walk b) prefer hiking/walking c) prefer to hike/walking d) prefer to hike/ walk 12) Try _ more healthy foods. You will definitely feel better. a) to eat b) eating c) eat d) to eating




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