1) what special salah is prayed in Ramadan? a) Taraweeh b) Fajir c) Maghrib 2) When do muslims fast during Ramadan? a) from morning to afternoon b) from sunset to Dawn c) from dawn to sunset 3) What does Iftaar mean? a) eating before sunrise b) eating after sunset to break the fast  c) not eating anything 4) Lailat-Al-Qadar is better than...  a) a thousand days b) a thousand months c) 1 day 5) which significant event took place in Ramadan a) Quran was revealed b) Hijrah 6) which Surah talks about Lailat-Al-Qadar a) Surah Al-Qadar b) Surah Al-Kauthar c) Surah Al-Duha 7) which Holiday occurs after Ramadan a) Eid Al-Fitr b) Eid Al-Adha c) Hajj 8) Eating forgetfully breaks your fast a) true b) false 9) what is the meal called before fasting a) Suhoor b) fatoor c) Walima 10) what does "Ramadan Mubarak" mean a) thank you b) Have a blessed Ramadan c) good night

Ramadan رَمَضان




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