1) Anna is ________ piano very well. a) play b) plays c) playing d) played 2) Every day she _______ to the school by herself. a) walk b) walking c) walked d) walks 3) My cat ______ on the couch every single time! a) sleeps b) sleep c) sleeping d) slept 4) He _________ know about the exam. a) do b) doesn't c) don't d) doesn 5) I usually __________ at seven. a) woke up b) wake up c) wakes up d) waking up 6) Oliver __________ a book at the moment. a) reads b) is reading c) reading d) read 7) Look, the kids _________ to the zoo. a) go b) goes c) going d) are going 8) Caroline __________ an SMS to her boyfriend every day. a) writes b) is writing c) write d) writing 9) Stan _________ pancake every morning a) cook b) is cooking c) cooking d) cooks 10) Today, my friend _________ a birthday party. a) is having b) having c) have d) has

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