1) What part of the brain is being studied a) Amigdala b) Amygdala c) Hypothalamus d) Neurons 2) What was the type of brain scan used in this study  a) Functional b) Structural 3) What was the research method used a) Independent measures  b) Matched pairs design c) Repeated measures  4) What type of experiment was this a) Field experiment b) Laboratory experiment c) Naturalistic experiment 5) How many scenes were shown a) 95 b) 96 c) 69 d) 48 6) How many frames were captured per person b a) 12 b) 11 c) 13 d) 10 7) How many people were part of the sample a) 10 b) 11 c) 12 d) 9 8) What was one feature of the sample a) Males b) Left handed c) Right handed d) University students 9) How long was each scene shown for a) 12-13 seconds b) 2-3 seconds c) 11 seconds d) 5 seconds 10) How long was the interval between the scenes a) 2-3 seconds b) 12-13 seconds c) 5 seconds d) 11 seconds 11) How many weeks later was the surprise memory recall test a) 3 weeks b) 4 weeks c) 2 weeks d) 1 week




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