1) What does the excretory system do? a) keeps waste products b) keeps the water in your body c) removes waste products d) removes nutrients from your body 2) What creates poisons in our bodies? a) Food we eat, air we breathe and liquids we drink b) Everything is poisonous to our bodies if we have enough of it c) fossil fuels 3) What is the name of the substance that is removed from the blood in the urinary system? a) uinepha b) urina c) urine d) urea 4) Where are the kidneys located? a) under the diaphram b) In your lower back c) in the middle under your heart 5) In the video, the size of your kidneys are compared to the size of __________ a) your heart b) your fist c) kidney beans d) a kidney shaped pookl 6) What is the part called that is inside your kidneys that helps filter all the unwanted stuff? a) neurons b) nephrons c) urea 7) What are the 3 components of urine? a) urine, salt and sugar b) salt and urea c) urea, salt and water 8) How does the urine travel from the kidneys to the bladder? a) through tubes called ureters b) through your blood c) through the blood cells d) through the pipes called capillaries 9) How often does the kidneys send urine to the bladder? a) every 10 to 15 minutes b) every hour c) every day d) every 10 to 15 seconds 10) What is the shape of the bladder? a) balloon shape b) heart shaped c) kidney shape 11) What body system is used to help you and your body know that you NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM? a) nervous system b) ciruclatory system c) respiratory system

Excretory system




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