1) I don't believe him! He's _____liar. a) such a b) such c) so 2) I hope you won't make ____ stupid mistakes next time. a) so b) such a c) such 3) My mum works very hard! She's ____ tired. a) so b) such a c) such an 4) I love Handersons! They are ______ honest people. a) so b) such c) such an 5) My Spanish is poor! You speak ____ fluently. a) such b) so c) such an 6) Anita works as a volunteer for charity. She is _____ amazing woman. a) such an b) such a c) so 7) _____ mess!!! a) What a b) How c) What an 8) ____ nice of you to come and help me! a) What b) How c) What an 9) ____ amazing style! a) How b) What a c) What an 10) ____ silly of me to aks such stupid questions! a) What b) How c) What a




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