1) The refresh button is used to - a) get back to the page you were using before b) reload the page 2) Internet stand for - a) International network b) Interconnected network 3) A search engine is a - a) helps to search for information on WWW b) a web page linked to another related web page 4) The use of E mail is - a) to search information b) to sending and receiving messages through electronic devices 5) copying someone else's work and presenting it as your own is called - a) Copyright b) Plagiarism 6) Internet connections can be broadly classified into _________ and _____________ connections . a) wired , wireless b) broadband , dial - up 7) ISP stands for - a) Information Service Provider b) Internet service provider 8) The _____________ is a collection of millions of pages of information . a) Internet b) Web 9) What are Pop-Ups ? a) The small windows that suddenly pops  on the screen b) The small windows shown on the desktop 10) Content that cannot be reused or copied is called _____________ a) Copyright b) URL

Computer Quiz chapter The Internet from Shlok Srivastava




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