The: I like this hotel. ____ rooms are very nice., I went shopping this morning. _____ shops were very busy., 'Where's ____ milk?' 'It's in the fridge.', We went for a swim in the river. ____ water was very cold., Excuse me, can you pass ____ salt, please?, I like this town. I like ____ people here., 'Where are ____ children?' 'They're in the garden.', I can't sing this song. I don't know ____ words., I must show you ____ photographs that I took when I was on holiday., _____ information we were given wasn't correct., The test wasn't difficult. I answered ____ questions without difficulty., Do you know ____ people who live next door?, We couldn't find anywhere to stay in this town. ____ hotels were full., ____ water in the pool didn't look very clean, so we didn't go for a swim., Don't sit on ___ grass. It's wet after the rain., Look at ___ apples on that tree! They're very big., We had a very good meal. ____ vegetables were especially good., Who are ___ people in this picture?, All _____ books on the top shelf belong to me., Don't stay in that hotel. It's very noisy and ____ rooms are very small., Someone gave me a book about ____ history of modern art., Rob and Louise got married, but ___ marriage didn't last very long., If you go to live in a foreign country, you should try and learn ____ language., Zero article: We don't eat very ____ often., I hate ____ exams., I'm not very good at writing ____ letters., I'm very interested in ____ history., I know a little about ___ politics., I know a lot about _____ astronomy., My favorite sport is _____ volleyball., Everybody needs ____ friends., Jane doesn't go to ____ parties very often., I don't like _____ milk. I never drink it., 'Do you do any sports?' 'Yes, I play ____ football.', These days, a lot of people use ___ computers., I don't like swimming in ____ cold water., I enjoy taking ____ photographs. It's my hobby., ____ money doesn't always bring you ____ happiness., _____ doctors are usually paid than ____ teachers., Do you know anybody who collects ____ stamps?, ____ life has changed a lot in the last thirty years., Do you like ____ Chinese food?, Some people are afraid of ____ spiders., A vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat ___ meat., _____ history is the study of the past., It's better to tell the truth. Telling ____ lies usually causes problems., You need ____ patience to teach young children., _____ vegetables are good for you., _____ women live longer than ____ men., _____ life is strange sometimes. Some very strange things happen.,

Part 3 Articles: The or Zero Article




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