1) Who was Eris, the goddess who was not invited to the wedding? a) Goddess of vegetation b) Goddess of discord c) Goddess of vengeance d) Goddess of fertility 2) What fruit did Eris throw at the banquet table? a) A fig b) An apple c) A plum 3) Which of the following goddesses did NOT claim the apple? a) Hera b) Athena c) Aphrodite d) Demeter 4) What was the apple offered made from? a) Wood b) Metal c) Gold d) Marble 5) Which goddess was chosen by Paris to win the golden apple? a) Aphrodite b) Hera c) Athena 6) What was Aphrodite's offer, which eventually made her win the competition? a) The most beautiful woman on earth b) Wealth c) Health d) Eternal Youth

The Judgement of Paris





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