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There are places to stop to buy food and drink. - Why do people not need to take food and drink with them on a trip from Yorkshire to Cornwall?, You can work out what is meant if you read the sentences /paragraph around the thing you don't understand. - When you are asked to work out the meaning of something from the context, what does it mean?, Toilet paper - What is dunny paper?, A common plant in Australia - What is crinkled cassia?, adjective - What type of word is 'foul' in the phrase 'foul stink'? (page 13), A long, difficult journey. - Page 12 describes their journey as a 'long trek'. What does this mean?, He was covered in red dust after the journey. - Why was Tally Ho called Red Dog?, A nasty smell - Reek is the term for...?, They were travelling next to the train tracks - Why might Jack and Maureen see lots of trains on their journey?, locomotives - What is the other word for trains?, Louis de Bernieres - What is the author's name?,

Red Dog: Chapter 2a


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