1) Is the coastal plain region close to the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay? a) Yes b) No 2) What is the main resource that you can find in the Appalachian plateau? a) Coal  b) Apples c) Fish d) Iron 3) What region do we live in? a) Valley and ridge b) Appalachian Plateau c) Blue ridge mountains d) Coastal plain  e) Piedmont 4) What is the order of the regions from east to west? a) Coastal plain, Valley and ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Piedmont, Blue ridge mountains b) Coastal plain, Blue ridge mountains, Piedmont, Appalachian Plateau, Valley and ridge c) Appalachian Plateau, Valley and ridge, Blue ridge mountains, Piedmont, Coastal plain 5) What are the bordering states for Virginia? a) Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina b) South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas 6) What is the main source from the coastal plain region? a) Coal b) Sand and gravel c) trees 7) In the 18-1900´s the Atlantic ocean was mainly used for what? a) Food, Transporting goods to far away places b) Surfing, kayaking, swimming 8) How can you remember the order of the regions? a) A very rich bored parrot does tricks b) A very bored rich parrot tricks people c) A bored parrot teaches people

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