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1) When does the story start? a) hundreds of years ago b) thousands of years ago c) in 876 A.D. d) in 495 B.C. 2) Who was the ancestor of the Huns? a) Hunor b) Magyar c) Dul d) Emese e) Attila 3) Which way did the brothers travel? a) toward the North b) toward the East c) toward the West d) toward the South 4) What was the new land NOT rich in? a) fish b) game c) stags d) beautiful girls e) cities 5) What was the stag doing? a) walking b) swimming c) hunting d) leading the men somewhere e) speaking 6) Where were the girls? a) in the deep forest b) in the tall grass c) by the river bank d) behind the trees 7) What did the men do when they saw the girls? a) watched them b) ran away c) took them their prisoners d) plucked them out of the circle 8) Who was Dul? a) a dull man b) the father of 100 girls c) the local prince d) a hunter

The White Stag, content


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