1) What is an ice sheet  a) alpine glacier b) a snowy mountain c) a freezing sheet d) a mass of glacial ice that covers surrounding terrain 2) An ice sheet is also known as? a) a sheet of ice b) continental glacier c) alpine glacier d) ice lake 3) What is an ice age? a) A film b) A freezing persons age c) The temperature when its low enough to form glaciers and ice sheets d) Where ice glaciers form rapidly 4) Are glaciers stationary or moving a) Moving b) moving but not rapidly c) stioanry 5) Which two are the biggest glaciers in the world? (pick two) a) Everest b) greenland c) Alps d) antartica 6) Which is correct in glacial terms a) crevasse, zone of continual, zone of ablation, snout b) crevasse, zone of abolition, snoot, zone of continental c) crevasss, zone of ablation, sn0ut, zone of accumulation  d) crevassee, zone of ablation, snout, zone of accumulation e) crevasse, snout , zone of ablation , zone of accumulation 7) Enjoy this ? a) Yes b) George for geography teacher c) Facts d) No




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