She watched TV a___ she finished doing her homework. - after, Do your homework and send it tome as __ __ __ . - as soon as possible, She took her clothes off b___ she entered the shower. - before, It was sunny after lunch, but e___ in the morning it was raining. - earlier, The trip was terrible at first. E___, it was perfect - Eventually, When we f___ arrived at the hotel, there was only one room for us, - finally, I__ __ __g , the weather was not nice. But it eventually got better. - In the beginning, I__ __ __d nothing really matters. - In the end, J___ ___ ___ ___ I realized I was totally lost. - Just at that moment, J___ ___ I could see that it was my teachers. - Just then, We went to the beach and l___ we went to the shopping centre to get some clothes for my sister. - later, We were at the reastaurant having breakfast. M______, my teachers were talking and looking at me. - Meanwhile, We had some breakfast and we went to the beach n___. - next, S___ ___ ___, I still remember seeing my teachers at the same hotel restaurant we were stayig. - Several months later, S___ , my sister noticed that her bag was missing. - Suddenly, W___ my sister was buying some clothes with my mother, my dad and I went to the cinema. - While, F___, she told me that she was tired. Then, she said she was hungry. - First, She arrived at my house w___ ___ ___. She didn't even send me a text message. - without a warning, First, she said my mum said I could go. S___, she said I couldn't because I was too young. - Second, We went to the cinema and a___ ___, we went to the park. - after that,

Motivate 1 - Unit 8 - Write a Story - Time Connectors




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