1) Last week I ______ a horse around the trails of a mountain. a) rode b) road  2) My dog hurt his foot front ______ from digging in the dirt. a) paws b) pause 3) I ______ all of my timed math multiplication test. a) passed b) past 4) My Dad cut the ______ in half for our tree house. a) bored b) board 5) We ____ all of our basketball games this season. a) one b) won 6) My grandma offered to _____ the button back on my jacket. a) so b) sew 7) Every night before I go to bed I brush my _______. a) hair b) hare 8) My sister's favorite ______ is a rose. a) flour b) flower 9) Sarah can't _____ her shoes. a) fined b) find 10) We are going to chop some ______. a) wood b) would 11) Everyone had a _____ of cake at the party. a) piece b) peace 12) The basketball team _____ the game in overtime. a) one b) won 13) If we go to the beach for spring break, let's bring a ____ to fill the sand and make a sandcastle.  a) pale b) pail 14) We went over to _______ house after the movies to hang out and have fun. a) their b) there c) they're 15) ________ going to the movies tonight as a big group.  a) their b) there c) they're 16) The movie theater is down the street over ________. a) their b) there c) they're 17) The rabbit is a very large, and fluffy, brown _______. a) hair b) hare 18) The golfer shot a _____ in one. a) whole b) hole 19) The icing on the cake is _____ sweet. I don't like it that sweet. a) to b) too c) two 20) ________ invited to a sleepover this weekend at your friend's house. a) your b) you're




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