1) What do people celebrate during Easter? a) resurrection of Christ b) start of spring c) spring vacation 2) What does the English word "Easter" originally mean? a) month of March b) season of spring c) month of April 3) How many weeks off do British children have when it is Easter? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 4) What's the name of the Friday before Easter Day? a) Nice Friday b) Bad Friday c) Good Friday 5) What do British eat on Good Friday? a) holy cross bun b) holy cross bread c) chocolate eggs 6) What do British people do on Easter Sunday in the morning a) sleep b) eat holy cross buns c) watch the sunrise 7) What do they eat for breakfast on Sunday? a) boiled eggs b) fried eggs c) scrambled eggs 8) How many chocolate eggs are eaten each year in Britain? a) 8 million b) 18 million c) 80 million 9) What is the traditional meat for the main meal on Easter Day? a) chicken b) lamb c) turkey 10) What's the name of the traditional Easter pudding? a) custard pie b) custard bun c) custard tarts 11) What game do children traditionally play after Easter dinner? a) Egg race b) Egg roll c) Egg hunt 12) How many balls of marzipan are placed on a special Easter Cake for tea – Simnel cake? a) 11 b) 12 c) 10 13) What is a traditional activity on Easter Monday? a) Egg hunt b) Egg rolling c) Egg exchange 14) Who are they? a) chicks b) bunny c) ducklings 15) Who is it? a) chick b) bunny c) duckling 16) Who is it? a) chick b) bunny c) duckling 17) What is it? a) procession b) process c) party




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