I can fix it myself or ask a friend: I fall down outside, but I'm not hurt, A classmate makes a rude comment to me one time, I don't remember the directions for the activity in class, I can't find my pencil., A classmate keeps talking over me., A classmate is chasing me and I don't want to play tag, Your friend wants to play soccer, but you want to play on the swings, I need help from a grown up: I fall down outside and my knee is bleeding, A classmate makes a rude comment to me almost every day , I'm having a lot of trouble with my math assignment., I can't find my lunch, I think I forgot it at home. , A classmate told me that they were going to hurt me , At recess, a classmate pushed me to the ground and kicked me, My friend never let's me play soccer. He says I'm bad at it.,




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