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Jumu'ah / Jummah Salah - Fridays Prayers performed as a congregation in a Mosque, Wudu / Wuzu - Abolution, a washing ritual performed before salah, Hijab - Covering - a scarf or cap worn for salah, Salah  - Prayer, Mue'zzin - The man who gives the call to salah, Adhan - The Muslim call to salah, Shahadah - Declaration of Faith, Zakah - Charity given by eligible Muslims , Sawm - Fasting, Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca, Ka'bah - The Black cubed building marking the first place of worship., Qiblah - The direction to pray (towards Mecca), Imam - The person who leads salah, Khutbah - The Friday sermon given at the Mosque,

Islam Practice

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