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1) How many bits make a byte? a) 8 bits b) 16 bits c) 24 bits d) 12 bits 2) What is the meaning of the CPU? a) Central Printing Unit b) Critical Processing Unit c) Crucial Printing Unit d) Central Processing Unit 3) The process of starting or restarting a computer is called: a) Start up point b) Booting c) Connecting d) Resetting 4) Which of the itmes is an input device? a) Monitor b) Keyboard c) Display Board d) Overhead Projector 5) The largest key on the keyboard is the "shift" key a) True b) False 6) Which of these is not an early computer? a) SAGE b) ENIAC c) UNIVAC d) NASA 7) Who founded Apple Computer? a) Bill Gates in 1995 b) Stephen Fry in 2002 c) Steve Jobs in 1996 d) Stephen Hawking 2000 8) Which of these is not a kind of computer? a) Lada b) Toshiba c) Apple d) Lenovo e) Asus 9) Which one is the first search engine in the Internet? a) Google b) Archie c) Altavista d) WAIS 10) Which ne is the first web browser invented in 1990? a) Internet Explorer b) Mosaic c) Mozilla d) Nexus


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