New Frontier - Used by President Kennedy to reflect the changed world the United States faced in the 1960s. The term also described his legislative agenda., Cuban Missile Crisis - For nearly two weeks during JFK's presidency, the Soviet Union refused to respond to demands to remove nuclear missiles from Cuba. This brought the two countries to the brink of nuclear war., War on Poverty - President Johnson's set of programs for ending poverty in the United States, Great Society - LBJ's civil rights and antipoverty agenda were collectively referred to as this., Affirmative Action - Refers to policies designed to increase employment and educational opportunities for minorities and women, Domino Theory - An idea first promoted by President Eisenhower, this idea held that if Vietnam fell to communism, other countries in Southeast Asia would also fall to communism (like a row of dominos),

Part 1 - JFK, LBJ, and Vietnam





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