1) We ....have a lesson yesterday. a) don't b) didn't c) can't d) weren't 2) .... well last Sunday? a) Do you sleep b) Was you sleeping c) Did you sleep d) Did you slept 3) I .... you last weekend because I was busy. a) don't see b) were not saw c) didn't saw d) didn't see 4) ... any marks at school last week? a) were you get b) Did you get c) Do you get d) Can you get 5) We .... a funny comedy last Friday. a) saw b) seen c) seeed d) sawed 6) He came in and .... on the sofa. a) satted b) sitted c) sat d) sited 7) Did you ... computer games? a) played b) play c) playeed d) playd 8) ..you at school today? a) Where b) Were c) Did d) Could 9) ....Where ___ your friends yesterday? -At 7 am. a) did b) was c) were d) could 10) ...he at school? -No, he got ill. a) Did b) Were c) Was d) Do 11) ...you with your parents on holidays? - Yes, I was. a) Was b) Were c) When d) Did 12) I ....my old friends last month. a) did b) meeted c) meet d) met 13) He ... sell his bike last month.  a) doesn't b) don't c) didn't d) wasn't 14) She... happy last time. a) weren't b) werenot c) didn't d) wasn't 15) They... a new video last time. a) did b) seen c) made d) see 16) You ... at the mall last Saturday. I saw you. a) weren't b) were c) went d) was 17) Did you.... a train to Oxford? a) caught b) catch c) saw d) met 18) She... him an email yesterday. a) couldn't write b) didn't can c) didn't wrote d) sended 19) We... to Turkey last summer. a) flown b) flyed c) flied d) flew 20) She ..... when she was 5. a) wasn't swim b) didn't can c) couldn't swim d) can't swim




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