1) Have you got a book? a) Yes,I am. b) Yes, she have got. c) Yes,I have. 2) Has he got a bike? a) No, I haven't. b) No, she hasn't. c) No, he hasn't. 3) Have we got a mobile phone? a) Yes, we have. b) Yes, you have. c) Yes, she is. 4) Have she got a blue car? a) No, she is. b) No, he hasn't. c) No, she hasn't. 5) Are you tall? a) Yes, I am. b) Yes,I have. c) Yes, I am not. 6) Is she your sister? a) Yes, I have. b) Yes, he is. c) Yes, she is. 7) Are they students? a) No, he is. b) No, they aren't. c) No, they have. 8) Are we happy? a) Yes, we are. b) Yes, you are. c) Yes, he is.




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