1) He _______________ buys science fiction books. a) happily b) perfectly c) loudly 2) I can ________ see the future in the time machine. a) slowly b) clearly c) rudely 3) Jenna will ___________ be the President of the United State. a) often b) someday c) a lot 4) She will _________ become a very important person. a) quietly b) loudly c) suddenly 5) Her mom will _________ wave to her during the parade. a) proudly b) everywhere c) mysteriously 6) Jenna will thank her mom _______ during her speeches. a) never b) silently c) a lot 7) I will go in the time machine _______ to see your future. a) never b) always c) again 8) What else will I _______ see from the time machine? a) angrily b) loudly c) mysteriously 9) I hope I do not ______ break the machine and get stuck in the future! a) foolishly b) more c) less 10) I will ___________ work on the time machine to get it to travel to the past. a) early b) eagerly c) late

Flying High Using Adverbs - Find the Correct Adverb





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