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habito, -are - I live, dwell, oro, orare - I pray, beg, quaero, -ere - I ask, seek, quiesco, -ere - I rest, tollo, tollere - I lift, primus, -a, -um - first, primum - first (adverb), vix - scarcely (adverb), nauta, -ae m. - sailor, silva, -ae - wood, unda, -ae - wave, caelum, -i - sky, heaven, periculum, -i - danger, saxum, -i - rock, verbum, -i - word, clamor, clamoris m. - shout, homo, hominis c. - man, human being, litus, litoris n. - shore, mare, maris n. - sea, mons, montis m. - mountain, de +abl. - down from, sub + abl. - under,

OLC Latin Vocabulary Box 10


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