1) What allowed Texas to borrow money to pay for the schools, roads, and an army? a) Texas Constitution b) Texas Revolution c) Texas voting to become part of the US d) Texas staying its own independent nation 2) How did the Emancipation Proclamation directly affect Texas? a) It ended slavery b) It allowed women to vote c) It gave citizens the right to bear arms d) It gave citizens the right to a trial by jury 3) What means to separate? a) nullify b) Link c) attach d) secede 4) The Union was made up of the a) northern states b) eastern states c) southern states d) western states 5) The Confederacy was made up of the a) northern states b) eastern states c) southern states d) western states 6) A farmer pays part of the crops he grows to a landowner. Then the landowner provides housing. What is this called? a) cultural borrowing b) reconstruction c) land leasing d) sharecropping 7) What important event happened AFTER Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation a) Texas become its own independent nation b) The Civil War ends in 1865 c) African Americans begin to look for land and jobs d) Matthew Gaines was elected to the Texas Senate 8) All of the following were results of the Emancipation Proclamation EXCEPT? a) Famers had to find new ways to grow crops b) African Americans had to find jobs and housing c) The farming industry increased because of a greater demand for products d) Some Anglo Americans were angry  9) What impact did the Civil War have on families? a) It tore families apart b) Some disagreed with why they were fighting in the first place c) Many had family members on the opposing side of the war d) All of the above  10) What did the Freedmen's Bureau assist formerly enslaved people with?  a) finding jobs b) getting fair treatment c) getting education d) all of the above

Civil War and Reconstruction




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