1) He can ----- a) ride a bike b) drive a bike 2) He can ---- a) ride a bike b) drive a car 3) They can ---- a) drive a horse b) ride a horse 4) She can ---- a) swim b) play football 5) They can ---- a) play a football b) play the football c) play football 6) He can ---- a) play the guitar b) play a guitar c) play guitar 7) They can ---- a) play the basketball b) play basketball c) play a basketball 8) They ----- fly. a) can't b) can 9) It ---- play the piano a) can b) can't 10) She ----- play tennis a) can b) can't 11) Can it play basketball? a) Yes, it can. b) No, it cant. 12) Can they play football? a) Yes, they can. b) No, they can't. c) Yes, she can.




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