A student has paid £9,000 for her course and expects to pass and get a good degree. She fails her first assignment. What should she do?, A lecturer has received some student feedback. One student has written ‘he dresses really badly, and his lectures are boring’. What should he do?, An international student excelled in an education system where it was socially unacceptable to question elders and experts. Rote learning and tutor-led sessions were the norm. The student is having difficulty adjusting to self-directed learning and critical analysis. What can be done?, A student comes to see his personal tutor and bursts into tears. What should the tutor do?, A student is panicking about her latest assignment. She wants to meet her tutor in the hope that he will give her some clues about what to include in the assignment. What should the tutor do?, A tutor has a reputation for being abrupt and concise with feedback. One of his students doesn’t understand the comments that have been given on a recent assignment. What should the student do?, A lecturer notices that a student has not been turning up to lectures. What should she do?, A student has received a poor mark and some very negative comments on an assignment that he worked hard to complete. He is extremely despondent. What should he do?, A tutor learns that one of his students has mental health issues through reading comments on her Facebook page. He is worried about her. The mental health issues have not been disclosed to him by the student. What should he do?  .





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