1) The little acorn starts the story in which season? a) summer b) spring c) autumn d) winter 2) When winter came the little acorn was covered in what? a) mud b) leaves c) slime d) snow 3) In the spring the little acorn started to grow. Which of these words means to grow? a) wriggle b) sprout c) arrived d) laugh 4) A baby tree is called what?  a) sapling b) treeling c) minitree d) puppy 5) What needed to stretch below him to so he could grow grow bigger? a) roots b) leaves c) branches d) legs 6) What kind of tree will the little acorn grow into? a) elm b) pine c) oak d) birch 7) How long did it take the little acorn to grow in to a big tree? a) 20 days b) 20 weeks c) 20 months d) 20 years 8) Which creatures lived in the big oak tree? Choose all the correct answers. a) owl b) bees c) badger d) squirrel 9) Apart from leaves what did the big oak tree grow on his branches? a) apples b) pine cones c) acorns d) conkers 10) At the end of the story a new acorn lands in the crinkly leaves. What will this acorn grow into? a) a beanstalk b) an oak tree c) a willow tree d) a castle




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