Do you celebrate many festivals in your city?, Have you celebrated any recently? Explain, Have you ever been to a festival in another city or country? Explain, Do many people come to local festivals? How big are festivals in your city?, Have you got a bike? What type is it?, How often do you ride your bike?, Is Caceres a good city for cycling? Why/why not? , Have you ever had an accident on your bike?, Have you ever travelled by hot air balloon, boat or high-speed train?, Do you like cars? What is your favourite car?, Do your parents have a car? What type of car is it?, What long journeys have you done recently?, What do you do in the car on long journeys?, Do people use their cars a lot in Caceres?, Do you prefer to travel by car or by train?, How do people usually travel to school/work in your city?, Have you given someone a present recently? What was it? Why did you give it to them?, How do you celebrate Christmas and your birthday? , What is your next celebration with your family/friends? How are you going to celebrate?, Do you prefer to celebrate your birthday with your family or your friends? Why?, Do you like listening to music? What sort of music do you listen to?, Have you ever listened to jazz or opera music?, Where do you usually listen to music?, Have you ever been to a concert?, Do you listen to different music for different reasons?, Do you listen to the same music today as you did three years ago?, Do you think you will listen to the same music in ten years time?, Do you have a favourite singer/group? How long have you been listening to them?, When do you listen to music in English?, Do you spend a lot of time listening to music?, Did you do well in your last exams?, Have you participated in any sports events recently? Did you win?, How will you celebrate the end of the school year?, Have you visited anywhere new this year?, Have you started any new subjects from primary to secondary school? , Where do you normally go on holiday? How do you get there?, Have you ever travelled abroad? How? When? Where?, Do you prefer holidays in Spain or holidays abroad?, How often do you go to the cinema? Who do you go with? , Have you been to the cinema recently? What did you see? , What sort of films/TV programmes do you like?, Tell me about your favourite film/TV programme., Do you prefer to watch films at home or in the cinema? Why?, Is TV in Spain good?, How do you choose a TV channel or series?, Have you ever been to the theatre? Did you enjoy it?, Do you like reading? What type of books do you prefer?, Do you prefer books or films? Why?, Are there any good bookshops in your city?, Tell me about a character in your favourite book..


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