Apartheid - Laws that strictly segregated white and black South Africans, Glasnost - The introduction of openness and transparency in the Soviet government., Perestroika - The introduction of limited free enterprise in the Soviet economy, Reagan Doctrine - Allowed the U.S. to provide arms, training, and financial aid to anti-communist movements., Panama Canal Treaty - The U.S. promised to hand over control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government., Watergate Scandal - The break in and cover up of the Democratic Party headquarter., Nelson Mandela - Anti-apartheid leader in South Africa., Mikhail Gorbachev - Assumed power as the Soviet leader in 1985., Detente - The easing of tensions with the Soviet Union., Terrorism - The use of violence to attract media attention or coerce the government., Inflation - The rate at which the value of the currency is falling causing the price of goods to rise., Globalization - The process by which business or organizations develop influence and/or operate on an international scale.,

U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1972




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