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1) What is RAM used for? a) hold introductions b) writing data c) read data d) controls the cursor 2) What is processor used for? a) speed up the computer b) read DVD-ROMs c) controls all the operations d) writing data 3) What is ROM? a) Random access memory b) read only memory c) a type of processor d) a super computer 4) What is ATM used for? a) to chatting b) to calling c) to printing d) taking money 5) What is PDA? a) a smart phone b) a hadr disk driver c) a scenner d) a supercomputer 6) What is scenner used for? a) for taking money b) for copy pictures or texts c) for saving data d) for holds data read or written 7) What is memory used for? a) controls the cursor b) for displays c) for taking money d) to take data. 8) What is swipe card used for? a) for copy pictures or texts b) taking money c) for every day shopping d) take data


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