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1) Which is the Intel CPU ? a) core i3-6100 b) FX-8300 c) A10-7860K 2) "motherboard" What 's does it mean in hungary ? a) processzor b) video kártya c) alaplap 3) Where is the Google headquarters ? a) Stockholm b) Los Angeles c) Mountain View 4) Which is upfront source-code ? a) Windows b) Linux c) Mac 5) Which is the new socket ? a) LGA-1155 b) Socket-FM2 c) Socket-Am3 6) What 's that mean "GPU" ? a) procesor b) video card c) winchester 7) What is ROM ? a) Read Only Memory b) Random Acces Memory c) Type of processor 8) Which isn't input devices ? a) keyboard b) monitor c) mic


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