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1) What 'bold' does not mean? a) A font type  b) Not hesitating or fearful in the face of danger c) Confident d) Brave, adventurous 2) To have a "great impact" means  a) to have a big failure b) to have a great influance c) to have a great miss d) to be enormous 3) Continue the proverb: "All of life is the exercise of..." a) risk b) danger c) uncertainity d) learning 4) "Social value" does not mean a) citizens' well-being b) a good for the community c) importance of people's relation d) a financial value 5) "To lose the oppurtinity" means  a) to miss the chance b) to win over the enemies c) new possibilities are coming d) to have a fortune 6) "Mission" is a synonym for  a) a goal b) entertainment c) a religion d) a recreation


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