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1) What does It mean? a) Interior b) Intersection c) Information Technology 2) What is ROM a) Read On Memory b) Read Only Memory c) Read On Memoriam 3) The largest key on the keyboard is the space a) True  b) False 4) One component of the motherboard a) Processor b) Bios c) Computer Chip 5) The other name of Hard disk a) Compact Disc b) Fixed Disk c) Hard Drive Disk 6) What is CD? a) Command Description b) Change Data c) Copy Density d) Compact Disc 7) What is SATA? a) Hard Drive Interface b) Virus c) Anti-Virus 8) How many centimeter is one inch a) 2.54 b) 5 c) 1 d) 8 e) 2.55 9) What is memory used for? a) For taking your life b) To take Data c) For Display d) It speed up to processor


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