George Washington - The first president of the United States., Abraham Lincoln - President of the US during the civil war and know for ending slavery., Alexander Gram Bell - Known for the invention of the telephone , Harriet Tubman - A former slave know for helping many slaves find freedom., Cesar Chavez - Known for his work in creating labor unions and worker's rights., Amelia Earhart - Known for flying planes., Henry Ford - Known for making the ford Model T car., Susan B. Anthony - Known for her work in woman's rights., Rosa Parks - Known for her work in African American rights., Marie Curie - A famous scientist., Thomas Edison - Known for his work with electricity. , Johannes Gutenberg - Known for inventing the printing press., Steve Wozinak - Known for his work in computer programing., Rudolf Diesel - Known for creating the diesel car engine. , Wright Brothers - Known for their work for flying planes., Benjamin Banneker - Known for his work in helping to create the capital city of Washington DC, Tim Berners-Lee - An inventor known for his creation of the world wide web.,

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