curly - One of my friends has straight hair and another has wavy hair. But I have ___ hair. , friendly - My cousin likes to meet new people and make lots of friends. He’s very__, funny - My classmate is very __. He loves to tell jokes at school., gray - My grandfather has a long ___ beard., handsome - My mother is very beautiful and my father is __., intelligent - She has a high IQ. She is very __, lazy - Sometimes my brother doesnt want to do any work. He can be very __ sometimes., long - she has __ blonde hair. , middle-aged - My uncle isn’t old, but he’s in his forties. He’s ____., naughty - Our young old son is very __. Last week he pulled our cat’s tail and it ran away!, shy - My brother doesn’t like to meet new people. He’s very ___., strong - We exercise at the gym four days a week. We are very ___., tall - I’m not short, I’m __., thin - I lost 10 kilograms. Now I’m ___., wrinkled - My grandmother’s face is quite __. but I still think she is beautiful!,




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