1) A person who helps you in the classroom is called a ______________. a) Doctor b) Teacher c) Scientist  d) Nurse 2) Which choice has a keyboard? a) Printer b) Scanner c) Computer d) TV 3) What is a drink that always keeps you hydrated? a) Hot Chocolate b) Coca Cola c) Sprite d) Water 4) Which season is the hottest? a) Summer b) Winter c) Fall d) Spring 5) This is someone who works at a clinic or hospital. a) Business Man b) Doctor c) President d) Lawyer 6) Which month does Thanksgiving fall under? a) February  b) October c) January d) November 7) This sport's ball is black and white. a) Tennis b) Football c) Soccer d) Basketball 8) A person who's job is to make good desserts is called a _____________. a) Baker b) Chef c) Secretary d) Firefighter 9) This is an animal that is similar to a crocodile: a) Monkey b) Alligator c) Lizzard d) Frog 10) A brown animal that cuts down trees with its teeth and builds dams is called a _____________. a) Beaver b) Bear c) Chipmunck d) Bear 11) This is something you may hear when there is lightening outside: a) Snow b) Monsoon c) Hail d) Thunder 12) The opposite of father is: a) Brother b) Sister c) Mother d) Grandma 13) This is something you use in the winter to warm you up: a) Air Conditioning b) Heater c) Snow d) Ice Cream 14) This is something you can write on with a pen/pencil: a) Paper b) Ipad c) Desk d) Computer 15) The opposite of yell: a) Shout b) Scream c) Cry d) Whisper 16) Someone who dives into the water is called a ______________. a) Dancer b) Swimmer c) Firefighter d) Police Officer 17) Someone who plays in movies and shows: a) Actor b) Nurse c) Engineer d) Chef 18) Something that blossoms in the Spring: a) Butterfly b) Flower c) Cookie d) Grass 19) This animal is orange and has black stripes: a) Zebra b) Lion c) Leopard d) Tiger 20) Someone who plays in a ballet is called a __________. a) Hairdresser b) Dancer c) Dentist d) Doctor




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